1. Background

The development of technology in digital era is multidimensional and has been the current issue, which involves responses and reactions of all scholars including linguists, educators and researchers. To mention some, the aggressive progress of technology in the field of, language, education, arts, culture, and science is the core challenge to be covered. As the increased demand of the using technology in language and education, language teachers, lecturers and researchers should remain contribute and be relevant in this digital era. Instead of being threatened, this should be regarded as the opportunities to develop valuable, flexible, and relevant language learning and education for societies.

Accordingly, Association of Language Teachers in Southeast Asia (ALTSA), English Department, State University of Medan, and TEFLIN Regional SUMUT initiate the 4th International Conference on Language and Education 2018 (The 4th ICLE 2018) upon a theme "Emerging Research Paradigm in Language Teaching and Education in Digital Era" as the platform of intellectual sharing on information and experiences pertaining to the afore-mentioned issues as well as to strengthen communication amongst faculty members, administrators, policy makers, researchers, and students at different layers of educational settings.


2. Deadlines For:

Registration : 15 December 2018
Early Bird : 30 October 2018
Abstract Submission : 13 December  2018
Letter of Acceptance for Selected Abstract : By 2 working days after submission
Full Paper Submission : 30 March 2019


3. Time and Venue

Conference : 29 – 30 December 2018
Venue : Madani Hotel Grand Ballroom, Medan, Indonesia
Madani Hotel Medan Grand Ballroom Madani Hotel
Parallel Presentation Room Hotel Room and Ballroom



-     First/Second/Foreign Language Teaching Methodology and classroom application

-     Second/foreign language acquisition (SLA/FLA) / Language Teaching (LT) focused theories and research

-     Psychological and psycholinguistic perspectives in SLA/FLA/LT

-     Corpus linguistics and learner corpora

-     Syntax and interfaces with morphology and semantics

-     Lexical processing

-     Phonological processing

-     Cross-linguistic influence

-     Discourse analysis

-     Sociolinguistic theory and research

-     Socio-cultural consideration

-     Multilingualism/bilingualism

-     Educational language policies

-     Translation and interpretation

-     English for specific purposes (ESP)

-     Education

-     Method of Teaching

-     Curriculum

-     Psychology in Education

-     Management of Education

-     IT/ICT for education

-     Teacher Voices



5. Abstract Rules

*         Provide abstract with the title, name of the writer, institution, email address, and mobile phone number

*         Abstract is written in English of about 200 - 250 words

*         Keywords: 3 - 5 words

*         Use Ms. Office word, TNR, 12, single space, rtf

*         Send abstract through the registration desk on ALTSA website or email to altsaconference@gmail.com


 5. Keynote Speaker:

"Re-conceptualizing Language Learning Evaluation to Cope with the Digital Era in the Social Context of Industrial Revolution 4.0 "
Prof. Amrin Saragih, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer and the Head of Doctoral Program of English Applied Linguistics, Universitas Negeri Medan (UNIMED), Indonesia. He earned his first degree in English Language Teaching from IKIP Medan (Now known as UNIMED), his M.A. in Linguistics from the La Trobe University, Australia and his Ph.D. in Linguistics from University of Sydney, Australia. His field of interests includes Discourse Analysis, Functional Grammar, Sociolinguistic and Teacher Training, and he has facilitated various teacher-training workshops and conferences on various ELT and linguistics topics. He has published many articles and books. He is now the President of Association of Language Teachers in Southeast Asia (ALTSA).
6. Invited Speakers:

"English Education Reform: Top-Down or Bottom-UP?"

Prof. Chiaki Iwai, Ph. D in Applied Linguistics, has been teaching at Japanese universities, both undergraduate and graduate schools, for over 30 years.  He is currently a professor at Faculty of international Studies, Hiroshima City University (HCU), Japan.  He joined the board of directors of the Japan Association of College English Teachers (JACET) in 2016 and is currently a chair of the JACET Chugoku-Shikoku chapter.  He is also a member of several domestic and international organizations such as JALT (Japan Association for Language Teaching), TESOL, and Asia-TEFL.  His main research interests include EFL learners use of communication strategies and their inter-language pragmatic abilities, and, more recently, the English education policy regarding teaching English in English (TEE).

"Evaluation of Language Teaching in Digital Era"

Sisilia Setiawati Halimi, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer in the Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities, Universitas Indonesia. She earned her B.A. in linguistics from Universitas Indonesia, her M.A. in English Language Teaching (ELT) from the University of Warwick, U.K. and her Ph.D. in ELT from La Trobe University, Australia. Her field of interests includes Language Assessment, English for Specific Purposes and Teacher Education, and she has facilitated various teacher-training workshops on various ELT topics. She has been an active member of the Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Indonesia (TEFLIN) since 2003 and is now the Vice President of TEFLIN.

"Readability: Its Role in Language Teaching and Learning"

Dr. Rafizah Mohd Rawian is a senior lecturer at the Department of Applied Linguistics, School of Languages, Civilisation and Philosophy, Universiti Utara Malaysia. She is actively involved in research grants, paper and innovation presentations, publications, postgraduate supervision and teacher training. Her special interests include TESL/TESOL, ESL/EFL learning, Pedagogy and English Literature. She is a certified translator and also a reviewer for several international journals like Higher Education Studies, International Journal of English Linguistics, International Journal of English Language Education, Journal of Education and Learning as well as Theory and Practice in Language Studies.

Teaching and Researching Vocabulary Using Computer Programs”

Mayumi Tsubaki, Ed.D. is a Professor at the Faculty of Foreign Studies, Bunkyo Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan. She received B.A. in Education from Chiba National University, B.S.s in Psychology and Sociology from Weber State University, Utah, USA, and M.A. in Linguistics (TESOL Emphasis) from the University of Utah, USA. She earned Ed.D. in TESOL from Temple University, Philadelphia, USA. Her research interests include vocabulary teaching and learning, Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL), Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), cross-cultural communication, and cooperative learning. She is a member of Asia TEFL and Japan Society for Mixed Methods Research in addition to other associations.

7. Journal Publication Workshop:

"Strategies for Journal Publication in the Language and Education Studies"

Dedi Sanjaya, M.A. in Appied Linguistics/TESOL is a lecturer at Centre of General Studies, University College of Yayasan Pahang (UCYP), Malaysia. He is actively involved in conference, research and publication. He has been an Internal Editor at ASEAN EFL Journal - AEJ (Scopus index) and Managing Editor of SALTeL journal (Journal of ALTSA). He has published papers in several international reputable journals like English Language Teaching Journal (ELT - Q2), ASEAN English as a Foreign Language Journal (AEJ - Scopus Index - Q1), English Language and Literature Studies (ELLS) Journal, Advances in Language and Literary Studies (ALLS) and International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies (IJELS) - Copernicus, DOAJ and ERIC Indexes. His special interest includes TEFL, TESOL, TESL, Materials Development, Method of Teaching English, Applied Linguistics and Syntax.


8. Research Workshop:

 "Ubiquitous Learning and Teaching: Digital Academic Tools for Researchers"


Invited Trainers:



Associate Prof. Mazlee Mohd Noor, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer at University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia


Mohamad Fadhili Yahaya, Ph.D.


Senior Lecturer at Universiti Technology Mara-Perlis, Malaysia


Azrul Abdullah, Ph.D.


Senior Lecturer at University Technology Mara - Perlis, Malaysia


Mahyudin Ahmad, Ph.D.


Senior Lecturer at University Technology Mara - Perlis , Malaysia


Noofaizalfarid Mohd Noor, M.Sc.


Senior Lecturer at University Technology Mara - Perlis , Malaysia



9. Facilities:

Seminar Kits, coffee breaks, Lunch and Certificate

Free mini workshop on Research Methodology from 5 experts

Free mini workshop on Paper Publication in International Reputable Journal (DOAJ, ERIC, Copernicus, Thomson Reuters and Scopus Index)


10. Publication

The article will be published on following forms:

A) International Reputable Journal

1. Advances on Language and Literature Studies (ALLS)

2. International Journal of Education and Literature Studies (IJELS)


Australian International Academic Centre (AIAC) publisher

Both Journals are indexed in:




B) Conference Proceedings with ISBN

ISBN Proceeding will be published by ALTSA.

Online Proceeding and SALTeL journal will be available on ALTSA Website (altsacentre.org)

11. Conference Fees

Participant Only

Participants + Submitting Paper

(Choose a or b form of publication)

a) International Journal

b) Conference Proceeding ISBN or SALTeL Journal (Journal of ALTSA)

UG-Student USD. 35

(IDR 525.000,-)

PG-Student IDR 50

(Rp. 750.000,-)

Non-Students USD. 75


UG-Student (Not available)


PG-Student USD.275

(Rp. 4.125.000,-)

Non-Student USD.350

(Rp. 5.250.000,-)

UG-Student USD. 50

(Rp. 750.000,-)

PG-Student USD. 65

(Rp. 975.000,-)

Non-Students USD. 90

(Rp. 1.350.000,-)


11. Payment

Payment can be made through transferring to Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)


Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)

Beneficiary : Sumarsih

Account No : 0057700245



*ALTSA Member will get discount 5 %

*Early-bird will get discount 10%

*ALTSA Member + Early-bird will get discount 12.5 %

*Please send the slip of payment to altsaconference@gmail.com


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(Winda Syafitri, M.Pd.)
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